Congress votes to eliminate internet privacy laws

Congress just voted to gut internet privacy rules and allow companies like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon to monitor, collect, store and sell information about our online activity to the highest bidder.

It should be noted that the data collection will still be in the form of scrubbed data, so marketers will not be able to zero in so easily on just one individual. Scrubbed data is detached from users’ names, and lumps many people in a geographic location together.

Enrollment of International Students at Purdue University

To create the charts below, I chose the country that was consistently providing the most students to Purdue University. From 2010-2015, that nation was consistently China, with a wide margin between it and the second place. I chose the remaining four nations at random.

It was necessary to use two charts in this study because of the sheer volume of Chinese students enrolled each year at Purdue- it distorts the chart to the point of all other data being unreadable. For ease of viewing, I recreated the chart with the same data, omitting China from the results.

Historic Buildings of Muncie

Though students may look at Muncie through the lens of gown vs. town, the rest of the city contains a rich history, built from factories long-gone and establishments that are no more. Some of that history comes through just walking the streets of the central business district. Take a look at 10 of Muncie’s historic buildings, and drop a comment below with what other ones you think should be added.

University creates first planetarium program

The Charles W. Brown Planetarium at Ball State University first opened its doors in October 2014, but has relied solely on content produced outside of the university for its end-of-week shows, until faculty and students worked together in creating its newest program, “Saturn & Beyond.” Continue reading “University creates first planetarium program”